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BUC 63 C Practic

Machine use

Grinding machine BUC 63 C Practic enables both manual grinding, and grinding in automatic cycles. In basic variant the machine is fitted with four prepared basic programs enabling dialogue-type programming (parametric entering of values) directly on the machine. Basic programs are as follows: recess grinding, traverse grinding, step recess grinding to one diameter with subsequent traverse grinding and six different diameters made by recess grinding with single technological order. Machine may be supplemented with SW options, e.g. K-K grinding, cone grinding by interpolation of X-Z axes, grinding of radius etc. Both manual grinding and grinding in automatic operating cycles is intended for grinding of external rotation and cone surfaces of workpieces by traverse or recess grinding. The grinding machine provides grinding of face surfaces and when the equipment for internal grinding is used (another variant) it provides also grinding of inner cylinder and cone holes. The workpieces may be fixed between centres, by flying-mode into clamping chuck, grippers, or on magnetic clamping plate of drive headstock. The drive headstock, grinding wheel head and upper table for cone grinding may be inclined manually, alternatively the cones may be grinded by SW option for grinding of cones by interpolation of X-Z axes. Machines in variant Practic are fitted with control box Siemens 810 D with 10“ display and OP270 control panel.

Realisation of machine:

Machine realisation CE, control system SIEMENS Sinumerik 810 D, controlled axes X - feed-in of grinding wheel head, Z - feed of table in basic realisation, manual wheel for axes X and Z, partial covering with manually controlled doors.

Technical parameters
Swing Ø 630 mm
Centre-to-centre distance max. 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 mm
Wight of clamped workpiece:  
    in centres max. 3 000 kg
    in open rests * 4 000 kg
    flying, incl. clamp, max. * 300 kg
Maximal weight of workpiece with heavy drive headstock and heavy tailstock: *  
    in centres 4 000 kg
    flying, incl. clamp 400 kg

* Another realisation or special accessory